Thermostatic valves

Thermostatic valves

Thermostatic valves are manual devices used to adjust the temperature desired in each individual room; they automatically maintain the temperature set by allowing or preventing the flow of hot water into the radiator.
Thermostatic valves installed on each radiator automatically control the flow of hot water in the radiator, thus maintaining a constant temperature in every room.

You can set the desired temperature by simply turning the knob to one of the five pre-set temperatures or the anti-freeze setting:

  • * Anti-freeze position 7°C
  • Position 0 fully closed – 0°C
  • 1 corresponds to about 14/16°C
  • 2 corresponds to about 16/18°C
  • 3 corresponds to about 18/20°C
  • 4 corresponds to about 20/22°C
  • 5 corresponds to about 22/24°C

However, the temperatures reached are also dependent on the characteristics and position of the rooms and radiators.

When the room in which the radiator is installed has reached the desired temperature, the valve automatically cuts off the supply of hot water.
The hot water supply will remain cut off for longer if the room is not cooled by external agents, such as air coming in through windows left open for too long.

Once the radiator has reached the desired temperature, it will start to cool down at the bottom and will therefore be warmer at the top and cooler at the bottom.