Energy cost accounting service

Energy cost recording and accounting service based on individual consumption values

Gestical SA is a leading company in Switzerland with more than 20 years of experience in heat metering and water accounting, it offers a fast and efficient service for the supply, installation, programming and accounting of heat and water.

Quick guide for co-owners

Transparent accounting brings long-term benefits




Devices are installed in a flat to measure the energy consumed for heating and, if applicable, the supply of hot water. In this way, costs incurred are not divided up arbitrarily based on the surface area occupied, but are allocated based on the actual energy consumed by each flat. Low consumption equals a lower bill, whilst higher consumption will result in a higher bill. A practice that is not only fair, it is also very effective: it has been proven that energy consumption rates are reduced when users are charged for what they have actually used.

You will therefore receive an annual summary of the heating costs, clearly specifying the allocation of individual consumption values.

Fair allocation of the heating costs is not a simple matter, as a number of factors must be taken into account. The calculation model defined by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) explains how to proceed with this allocation. Our calculations comply with these compulsory provisions and the model here below explains the various items that you will find on the bill.

Practical guide for property managers

Energy cost accounting service:

Exchange data support

Making data compatible with your information system.

Information / Advice

Cooperation and assistance in managing information to tenants and owners.

Costs accounting

Verify that you can split the costs specified in the lease agreements and the opportunities granted by the law. Calculation of eligible expenditure.


Drafting of the dimensions for the bases of calculations, both on site and according to the schemes.

Statistical analysis

Drafting of specific analyzes on the performance of costs and consumption.

Documentation about your system

Study of measurement projects, in cooperation with the heating system designers.
Documentation of critical data to calculations in case of changes in building and restoration works.

Drafting counting schemes and subdivision to ensure maximum clarity in the division of costs in complex systems.

The preparation for the annual reading

Timely information

Two to three months before the key date you will be sent a letter in which we announce the reading of consumption  data. This document is for information and should be used to communicate any changes to the keeper. In this case please indicate the new address of the keeper next to the old one and send us the sheet. Return the sheet only in case of change in address of the keeper. One to two weeks prior to reading you and the guardian will receive the final reporting of the visit.