Building energy analysis

Analysis of consumption of a building with an energy audit

Energy analysis of an entire property and the distribution system to identify the number and type of devices needed for correct distribution of the energy consumed.

Graphs illustrating trends in heating, water, cooling and electric energy consumption for the purpose of monitoring energy trends for the building as a whole or for individual users.

Energy saving advice.

Radio system for all metering requirements

We are equipped with devices that can be integrated into a radio system for all metering requirements. These devices record the consumption values measured at the middle and end of the month and on a date that can be set as desired. Using an integrated emitter, previously coded data is transmitted via radio to a portable receiving station.
The radio telegrams containing the consumption values are received by a portable terminal and are then transmitted to a hand-held device, ready for use by the invoicing system.

Strength of wave emissions from Gestical’s system.

Radio transmissions do not occur continuously, but at regular intervals in a fraction of a second. The strength of emissions is 0.89 μW, which is 700 times less than a mobile phone and 8 times less than a cordless phone. The wave emissions are therefore negligible and inoffensive.

Energy measure consumption

Gestical Tech is an electronic device that measures the heat supplied from a heating appliance, to which it is attached on its own bracket. Designed in compliance with UNI EN 834/94, its technology makes it possible to take extremely precise measurements.

Gestical Tech data  is equipped with an optical interface for programming the device, an operation in which each allocator is coded with data related to the technical characteristics of the heating appliance to which it is attached. The parameters mainly concern the size of the radiator (height, length, depth), needed to determine the radiant power. Another aspect to consider is the type of radiator construction: depending on the material (cast iron, steel, aluminium) and type of construction (with heating elements, lamellar, heated towel rails, panel, etc.) the heat transmission may vary greatly.

The allocator is also programmed so that the consumption values recorded at the end of the annual heating season are saved in an appropriate memory. From that date, the display is reset to zero and the allocator starts to measure consumption for the next thermal season.

The consumption values are held in the memory for two years and those related to the previous season are displayed on screen alternately with the actual consumption values . The values recorded are entered in a report that, taking into account the radiator output set on the device, can be used to correctly determine the heat consumed by that user. In old buildings, measuring the consumption of hot water is also costly as it is usually necessary to fit a hot water meter on each of the water outlets.

For this reason, the consumption of hot water is generally estimated based on the number of water outlets or surface area of the flat.


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Measuring instruments

Energy cost accounting means charge to each user what he actually consumed. The cost accounting for the water and heating according to consumption therefore requires a completely accurate measurement.

This brochure will provide you with an overview of the wide range of measuring instruments Gestical designed to suit all types of application requirements.


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