Consumption and energy conservation accounting services

In addition to many years of experience in the supply and maintenance of products and services connected with energy measurement – heating, water, gas, air conditioning and electricity – we also offer

Energy analysis of an entire property and the distribution system to identify the number and type of devices needed for correct distribution of the energy consumed.

Energy cost recording and accounting service based on individual consumption values.

The allocation of energy costs based on the principle of causality (pay for what you use) using technological metering equipment installed in a property and the consumption values recorded, ensures fairness and transparency for the end user. To begin with, the property manager is asked to provide details of the costs to be allocated and the criteria to adopt for their allocation. Calculation and allocation is the next step. Based on the calculation model for the individual billing of heating and hot water costs, compensation factors are applied to the calculation, which are shown as corrective factors on the bill.

Service offering interim meter readings in the event of a user entering/leaving a property. Checking plausibility of readings for the accounting period.

Graphs illustrating trends in heating, water, cooling and electric energy consumption for the purpose of monitoring energy trends for the building as a whole or for individual users.

Thermographic surveys of entire buildings or individual business/residential properties.

Energy saving advice.