Welcome to the Frequent Ask and Question of Gestical SA

Welcome to the Frequent Ask and Question of Gestical SA

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Useful resources for administrators and users updates on regulations and laws.

Each bill is a clear and intuitive report, with all the useful information so that the user can verify what was actually charged. A complete check-up of the plant, a report on the status of the entire metering system and a highly qualified front office service are included.

The heat cost allocator (RCR) is a device that measures the consumption of thermal energy in order to calculate heating costs. More precisely, it is what is called an auxiliary device since it does not measure any physical parameter (e.g. liters or grams) but displays mathematical algorithms.

Heat meters measure thermal energy (heat) in kilowatt-hours or mega watt-hours. They are installed directly on the heating pipe and consist of a volumetric part, two built-in temperature sensors and a calculation unit. All marketed devices must have the necessary certification according to the regulations valid in the country of distribution.

The needs of those who live in condominiums are often different: different times of stay in the house combined with a different perception of heat and cold. The central heating system with upright columns, a solution still extremely common in condominium buildings, has significant and growing limitations, now even more felt and shared in an era characterized by high and rising energy costs.

Using Electricity Maps it is possible to see in real time the CO₂ emission of each country’s energy consumption and also visualise the energy mix produced and consumed.

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